12 Ways to Use That Extra Room in Your Home

Category: Design Features, Tips
Date: April 14, 2020

Do you have an extra room in your home that doesn’t really serve a purpose? This could be that fourth bedroom or office that isn’t being used as either. These rooms often become the junk room of the house, collecting a lot of stuff, but not really being used to their full potential. It’s time to give your home more space by giving that extra room purpose.

We’ve constructed a list of different ways you can revamp that extra room and make it more useful for everyday living.

Guest Bedroom – Turn that extra room into an actual guest room. Take out the storage boxes, add a bed, some side tables, and even some drawers. Renovate the closet and make use of even more space. Want to increase the value of your home and create the best guestroom ever? Consider adding an en suite to your guest room. You can even add a separate entrance and create a mini in-home granny flat.

Home Office – The smaller bedroom on floor plans is often labelled the office. Get a desk, some filing drawers, and maybe a small comfy reading lounge and put that office to full use. Having an office to keep all your household bills, photos, keepsakes and important pieces of paper will help keep any busy home running smoothly.

Games Room – Become the coolest person on the block when you turn your extra space into a gaming heaven. Get a plush sofa, a TV, and all the game consoles you want and turn this room into the ultimate gamer’s getaway! Free up the lounge room by creating a gaming room.

Toy Room – Keep all the kids toys in one space by giving them their very own toy room! You could get creative here and use chalkboard paint and turn one wall into a gigantic chalkboard. Giving the kids their own area gives them space to play and you, your space back! Plus, if the mess of the room is getting to you, you can always just shut the door and walk away!

Lego Room – Display all those Lego sets and creations in their very own room. Create a Lego city or even various Lego worlds.

Library – Create a book lover’s dream by making your own library oasis. Line the walls with bookshelves and fill with all those books that are taking up heaps up space, all over the house. Add a comfy reading chair, a reading lamp and that’s it!

Home Gym – Another great way to use an extra room is to turn it into your own personal gym. A gym mat, some weights, some inspirational fitness posters. Get your fitness tracker on and get planking. Renovate this room by adding an outside area too for increased work out space.

Yoga Space – Get your Zen on and find time for yourself by creating your own home yoga studio. All you need is a yoga mat, a block, a strap and you are ready to go. Style with candles, plants and add some music and you have your very own yoga space. Perfect for downward dogs and meditation.

Media Room – Turn date night out, into date night in with your very own media room. The options for this room are endless. A projector or a huge TV? Couches or armchairs? Black walls or white? Want to go bigger? Renovate this room and consider leveled viewing areas and built in surround sound.

Craft or Hobby Room – Got a passion project that is taking over the whole house? Having a room dedicated to storing and working is a great way to let your passions soar without taking over the entire home.

Music Room – A place to line up all the guitars. A place for the drum set, complete with a door you can close for noise control. A place for students learning a new instrument to have a place to practice. A place for all that music memorabilia to be stored. Perfect.

Storage Room – Maybe you want this junk room to stay a junk room. Get organised by adding built in wardrobes, shelving and labeling storage boxes. Keeping your storage room organised is the best way to find exactly what you need.

Have an unused room in your house that you want to give a face lift to? Or maybe you want to renovate and turn this little room into a large room. Contact us today to help make your dreams come true.