Assisted Living

Ask anyone with movement, balance or access challenges, and they’ll tell you it’s one of the most frustrating things they have to live with.

Which is why, when one of our specialist supervisors is asked to see how we might be able to make moving around the house a little easier, we spend time to really understand the OT’s suggestions and your client’s most challenging issues. Making sure every modification we complete or piece of equipment we install makes life easier.

To ensure the best outcome, our specialist team will manage every single aspect of your project right down to the smallest detail. No more dealing with lots of separate trades. No risk of miscommunication. No lack of project co-ordination.

A comprehensive A-Z specialist resource making life easier for everyone.

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Housing and living supports

The Campbell Construction Co’s Assisted Living Division can take care of all home modifications to improve mobility and help you stay in your own home.

Assisting all funding providers including NDIS, DVA and HCP, we can take on anything from a support rail installation to a full dwelling build!

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We care so that those you care for feel cared for

What we can provide

  • Modifications for general safety & access such as ramps, rails, steps, and grab rails
  • All bathroom renovations and modifications including baths, showers, toilets, handheld shower hoses, shower screens, anti-scald and lever taps
  • All kitchen renovations and modifications
  • Any general access requirements such as the widening of doorways, door wedges and pathways.
  • In house design team can produce plans and drawings to suit
  • Lighting & electrical improvements
  • Home automation systems
  • Access lift installation
  • All external and internal building works

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Why choose Campbell Construction Co

Campbell Construction Co Specialist Assisted Living division is a growing segment of our company. The dedicated individuals within the division were specially chosen for their excellent way of communication and their genuine interest in the work we do.

The Assisted Living division is fully resourced and has a large (and growing) number of dedicated staff. We can confidently undertake one-off or large, multi dwelling projects.

Of course we’re competitive and recognise the need to always keep a sharp eye on costs. But perhaps even more importantly we ‘re genuinely sensitive to the needs of this specialist customer group.

Where do we service?

Our Assisted Living team services from Lismore to Townsville including all surrounding areas, for all modifications. We work closely with other industry professionals to create the best solution for your home.
Modifications include but are not limited to:


  • Grab & drop down rails
  • Bannister / balustrade rails
  • Pool rails
  • External access, ramps & paths
  • Drop down shower seats
  • Non-slip treatments & Tile etching
  • Replacement of floor coverings



  • Bathroom refit
  • Access Lift installation
  • Home automation systems
  • Large scale access ramps
  • Moderate kitchen modifications or replacements
  • Environmental control units
  • Change of house layout
  • Home extensions
  • New builds (plans can be provided at additional cost)

Let us help you with the modifications you require. Contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members today.

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