Benefits of building a custom built home

Category: New Build
Date: May 25, 2022

Find out why a custom built home is the way to go!

So you finally get the opportunity to build your dream home, but you’re confused as to whether to choose a project home or custom built home. People often choose a project home as they believe it to be the cheapest and easiest option. However this is not the case, building a custom built home has many benefits that often outweigh project homes.

Here are just a few;

You get to design your home from scratch – This is probably the most obvious benefit, but it’s also the most exciting!  You get to be in control of every aspect of the design, from the layout to the finishes, meaning your home is uniquely you and is personalised to your lifestyle.

You can build on any block of land – project homes are often limited in terms of where they can  be built, but with a custom build, you can build on any block of land, no matter the size or shape.

You can choose your own builder – When you build a project home, you often have to use the builder that the project is supplied by.  With a custom build, you can choose your own builder, which means you can shop around for the most reputable, and affordable builder. And when you choose Campbell Construction Co. we also include a supervisor to assist throughout the entire project.

You’re not limited to generic floor plans – project homes often come with a set of standard floor plans that you have to choose from, but with a custom build, you can design your own  floor plan or  use one that’s been specifically designed for your block of land.

You can add your own personal touches – With a custom build, you can really make your house a home by adding in all the little details and finishes that you want.  This could be anything from  choosing your own light fittings to selecting the tiles for your bathroom.

You are in control of the budget –  Unlike a project home there are no hidden costs which can blow out your budget.  Instead you can control your choices and budget  from the outset, meaning there are no nasty surprises down the track.

Building a custom built home is a great way to get exactly what you want, without any compromises. At Campbell Construction Co. we believe no two lives are the same and our design and build philosophy is that no two homes should be the same either. So instead of starting with a selection of predictable new home images and potential floor plans, we prefer to take a “blank canvas” approach.

So say “Yes to the home you’ll love” with a custom built home from Campbell Construction Co. Our experienced, trustworthy and friendly team will work with you to turn your dreams into reality.

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