Feature of the Month – The Outdoor Entertaining Area

Category: Design Features
Date: December 17, 2018

The Outdoor Entertaining Area. How very Australian it is to have an entertaining and living area completely outside.

Often the most used area of the house, it is also one of the most versatile when it comes to functionality and design. A man cave of sorts – but for the whole family – this is one area you will love to build or renovate.

The Space

How you design this area and what you incorporate into it will have a lot to do with the space available to you. Things to consider are how you will use the space the most and how you can optimise functionality with elegance of design. The landscape of an area is crucial here and your builder will be able to take a look at your land and discuss options with you. You may think your options are slim, but a good builder will able to see opportunity and space where you might not.


A comfy lounge or a large dining table? Perhaps you can fit in both? Think about how you will use this area the most, in your everyday life, and choose furniture to match your needs. When designing, don’t forget to include enough space for everyone, as people tend to gather here. A place to lay your plate is crucial, as this will become the hot spot to dine, especially on those hot summer nights.


When designing your entertaining area, talk to your builder about what features you want to include. These can vary from a pool or hot tub to a pizza oven and a complete outdoor kitchen. Proper planning is key here. Try a 3D design where you can virtually “walk through” your design before it’s built. Other features to consider are fans, lighting, windows, shade cover, doors and roller blinds.

All Weather

The key to a great Australian outdoor entertaining area is being able to use it year round. While Australian weather is beautiful most of the time, you need a design that is also going to go the distance and protect from the elements. Talk to your builder about how you can maximise the life of your outdoor area. This might come down to the angle of a roof, types of materials used and other clever design tactics.

The sky is the limit when it comes to an outdoor entertaining area. Adding or renovating a current outside area is a great way to add value to your house while increasing the functionality and presentation of your home. It’s a great addition for summer and can create a lot more space in a perhaps otherwise crowded home. Create the perfect family space, or an intimate setting to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Interested in renovating or adding as an addition to your home? Bring your plans in, or we can help create them with you!

The BCBG Team.