How to Choose a Builder for Your Home Build or Renovation

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Date: June 8, 2019

Deciding to build your own home or undertake a home renovation is a big deal. Making sure you choose the right builder for the job is a big deal too.

With so many out there, how do you know you are making the right choice? The last thing you want is to be left hanging, when a builder does not live up to their promises.

Do Your Research

Make a list of builders in your area, or that do work in your area. Use the internet, check the phone book, and get referrals from friends. You can contact your local Home Builder’s Association for a list of builders. Look in the real estate section of your local newspaper or contact your local agents to see who they have worked with.

Make an Appointment

Call each business’ office and make an appointment to come in and have a chat. In person, face to face chats, are a great way to get a feel for the builder and see if you will mesh. A well-run business will have a team of experts who can help answer your questions. Choosing a builder is like forming a friendship. You want to choose a builder and business that is going to be open and honest from the get go. Transparency is critical.

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Look for Referrals

Nothing travels faster than word of mouth. The building industry relies heavily on happy satisfied customers and the praise they give their builders. Ask friends and family members for any referrals, good and bad on building experiences they have had. Look for testimonials and referrals on building websites or ask for them from their offices. A good referral goes a long way.

Check out Their Work

A good builder will be able to supply you with images, renderings and actual homes for you to look at or walk through. While some will have a display home to walk you through, others may have an actual client’s home they can show you. A good builder should be able to supply you with enough concrete evidence of their work to make you comfortable with choosing them.

Check Their Specialties

While a good home builder can take on any job, sometimes you will get one that specialises in a unique area, or on the flip side, has never done what you are looking for. It is always good to see if your builder is skilled and capable in the building areas you are looking for. Don’t settle for just anyone.

Focus on Quality

This is one area where you do not want to waiver on quality. You don’t want a builder who is going to cut corners to save you money, you want a builder who is going to do the job right, and in line with what they are promising you. Value quality and reliability over anything else. You are building your home and your future.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask many questions. Building a home or undertaking a renovation is massive and it should be treated as so. If you are feeling rushed or ignored, then you are not with the right builder. Be open and honest about what you want. A good builder will have open communication with you throughout the whole project and will be able to answer as many questions as you have.

Once you get to know the builders in your area, you should be ready to choose the right builder for your project. Research each, get a feel for them, have a chat and trust your gut. Value quality and reliability over quantity and vague promises.

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