Storm Damage

With 300 days of sunshine a year, a beautiful tropical climate, 8-9 hours of sunshine a day and average maximum and minimum temperatures of 25.3C and 15.7C you can understand why Queensland is known as The Sunshine State.

However, Queenslanders often face a very different and less attractive Queensland. Every year severe storms and powerful winds batter the region’s southeast. Regularly, severe thunderstorms rip off roofs, down power lines and plunge tens of thousands of homes into darkness. Winds gusting in excess of 90km/h trigger hundreds of emergency calls for assistance. Widespread flooding is commonplace. Lightning strikes indescriminately unload their energy on hundreds of homes that suffer power outages on The Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Sometimes there can be as many as 250,000 lightning strikes in one night alone.

It can be chaos. It can be scary. It can be highly disruptive.
It can also be very expensive – unless you’re properly insured.

Campbell Construction Co specialise in managing and repairing insured properties damaged by storms, wind, flood and fire. To many, we’re the 5th emergency service.

We’re here to provide The Calm After The Storm. 

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