Make your house a home

Date: January 19, 2022

Make your house a home

To begin with, a house is nothing but a brick-and-mortar structure. It is a blank canvas for you to create memories with your loved ones.

But is not until you add your own touch of personality and styling that a house begins to feel like a home. Here are our top tips for making your house feel like a home:

  • Start with wall colour choice- Opt for lighter shades of colours on the walls to help make your home feel calm and appear brighter and more spacious. You can add contrast by adopting bolder colours or utilising wallpaper as a statement piece.


  • Decorate your walls – Bring some life to your walls, using artwork, photographs or decals that evoke emotion or memories. Wall hangings that reflect your style can also add texture and charm to your home.


  • Accessorise your home with budget-friendly homeware – Style up your home with decorative items like cushions, foliage, mirrors and decor that reflect your lifestyle and personality. Decorative items like candles and diffusers that emit scents are also a great addition to your home.


  • Go Green – Indoor plants can lend both colour and beauty to your home. They can create interest to a space that is dull and lifeless and also purify the air by eliminating toxins from the environment – A win win!


  • Soften your floors– Rugs and carpets can give your home a warm and aesthetic look, but more importantly they add comfort under foot.


  • Light it up – By selecting a combination of lighting you can add more character to your home. Pendant lights add style and personality, whilst providing accent lighting to spaces. Wall mounted lights can add decorative and subtle lighting to areas like lounge rooms and entry ways that make a space feel more inviting and cosy.