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Harness the Suns energy

Australia leads the world in the number of households with solar power systems. As at July 2021, almost three million private homes were harnessing the benefits of rooftop solar PV, saving almost 30% of Australia’s private homeowners serious amounts of money every year by generating free electricity during daylight hours.

Campbell Solar and Electrical division are experts in specifying the most appropriate Solar PV system to give you the maximum return on your investment.

We will help you..

  • Calculate the optimum system size
  • Choose the right PV (photo-voltaic) panels
  • Select the most appropriate battery storage capacity
  • Calculate payback time and ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Feed-In or Off-Grid?
  • Decide Heat Pump or Reverse-Cycle heating /cooling?
  • What’s best? String Inverters or Micro Inverters?

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Because we care about our planet and using alternative energy sources.