The Intent and Dedication Behind Our Core Values

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Date: June 1, 2020

At Campbell Construction Co, we live and breathe our core values as a team.

We are proud of the fact that, even as our organisation has grown, we’ve never lost the sense of family and closeness with our stakeholders. This is hugely valued by so many of our customers and staff, and is mirrored in the way we do things.

There is meaning and intention behind each “C” brand value and our workforce enthusiastically embrace their role in understanding and keeping each. They steer the way we do business and they are your assurance that when you choose Campbell Construction Co, you make a very wise choice! This is “The Campbell Way”.

We Are We
There’s a very evident and powerful team spirit at Campbell Construction Co. We know that by pulling together we’re stronger and more likely to succeed. Our sponsorship and support of many local sporting clubs serves as a regular reminder of the winning benefits of true teamwork.

We’re Honest
During your dealings with us, you’ll experience the importance we place on being absolutely transparent. Our business was built on the confidence our customers have in us. Integrity and trust – the foundations of the way we work.

We’re Driven
Everyone in the Campbell Construction Co team plays an important role. Each of us takes great pride in the responsibility we have. Our organisation places a great deal of importance on protecting our reputation. Being part of a successful company drives us to do our best day’s work – everyday.

We Listen
Accuracy of information surrounding your project is vital to a successful outcome. We do everything we can to ensure that there’s no misunderstandings or key requests that weren’t heard or not acted on. That means making sure that when we ask questions we listen hard to the answers.

We Care
Naturally, we want every aspect of your Property Construction or Repair project to go smoothly. Your supervisor and project manager have the mindset and authority to make “on the spot” decisions that ensure a “no hassle” experience. We want you to reflect positively on your Campbell Construction Co experience -because we genuinely care.

We Deliver
When we make a promise – we keep it. Careful project management and coordination and frequent two way communication helps us to confidently keep our promises. That’s when you’ll see our expertise shine through!

Campbell Construction Co Values

We want our customers to experience our values first hand and we work hard in making sure they feel this dedication, every single time. To discuss your next project with the team, contact 1300 938 040 or click here to send us an enquiry.