4 Reasons Why You Should Use 3D Plans on Your Next Renovation Project

Category: Design Features
Date: February 16, 2019

Using 3D plans on your next renovation project is a great way to get a clear understanding of the project, as well as giving you more confidence in your decision making.

Imagine feeling 100% sure of how the project will flow and how the end result will look, before the first brick is moved or dollar is spent. There are several advantages to using 3D plans, which will save you money, time, and will ease the workload of your renovation.

1. You will be able to virtually walk through the project beforehand.

Having your plans laid out in 2D gives you an adequate representation of what you want, however, putting those plans into 3D shows you exactly how it will all look, in the end. By taking into account height, width and length, you will be able to take a virtual ‘walk through your renovation’. This will help you look at the functionality and feasibility of the project. Sometimes what we ‘want’ doesn’t always work out once the dimensions are added in. This provides you a great chance to change and modify until it is just right.

2. Changes to the layout are easy to make and see, and won’t break the bank.

With 3D plans you can change colours, styles and designs all before any of the work has even begun. What we imagine in our minds doesn’t always materialise aesthetically. Making your changes or additions in the planning stage is faster and easier than in the building stage. 3D plans are a great way to see problems before they arise and give you the opportunity to find solutions before any time or money has been spent.

3. The project can move ahead quicker.

When you are able to start the project with all changes made, you are saving yourself time and money. You are also entering the project confidently knowing designs and dimensions will work and flow, therefore enabling the project to move along steadily. Interior decorating can begin before the project is complete. By trialling colours and designs in plan stage you can avoid delays from doing these onsite.

4. 3D plans can be used in the sale of your property.

If you are renovating to put your home on the market, 3D plans are a great tool. Your realtor will use them to get your house on the market, before the project is even done. This will help bring interest in and gives potential buyers a visual of what they can expect. 3D plans are growing in popularity with real estate agents as it helps them show off properties to clients far and wide.

3D plans are a great starting point when you have a renovation project in mind. They give you a clear starting point, are easy to understand and give you the flexibility of changing your design to make sure it is what you are looking for, before you even begin.

Save yourself time, money and unneeded stress by using 3D plans in your next project with Ben Campbell Building Group.

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