Feature of the Month – Open Plan Living

Category: Design Features, Tips
Date: June 4, 2020

The idea of open plan living has been around for a while and while it is not new, it is not going anywhere either. With its easy style and functionality, it is more than just a lasting trend in Aussie homes, it’s a way of life.

Open plan living eliminates non-weight bearing walls and barriers and opens several rooms up into one large multi-functional room. This is typically done in the main living area, combining the kitchen, dining, and living rooms into one living space. Some use it to open the inside of a house to the outside, and others have used a foyer to bring the upstairs and the downstairs together. How ever you use it in your home, open plan living is a great choice.

Benefits of Open Plan Living

Open plan living is still going strong in the building industry due to its many benefits. These include:

  • Bringing light into more areas and rooms as outside wall windows can reach more spaces.
  • Creating air flow in the home by minimising air blocking walls and doors.
  • Enjoying large family spaces where family members in different rooms can see each other and interact.
  • The ease of creating a minimalist look with styling that flows from space to space.
  • The ability to easily move furniture around to create new dynamics and not be stuck with a limited room size.
  • By having spaces that ebb and flow together, guests and family members are not restricted to one room which can create a great space for entertaining.

Style Tips for Open Plan Living

Open plan living can be both stylish and functional. It can also easily become cluttered or messy. Consider these styling tips when choosing open plan living:

  • Use an L shape to link rooms, which creates an open feel with a bit of privacy.
  • Choose a monochrome or gray-scale paint pallet, then decorate with a bright accent colour.
  • Use curtains or partitions for when privacy is needed.
  • Include bi-fold windows to open your inside up into the outside entertainment area.
  • Arrange furniture to create pseudo rooms in the living space.
  • Signal different areas by using large rugs.
  • Use structural features to your advantage, like exposed beams for example, to hang lighting or mark different living areas.
  • Consider using partial walls to maintain an open plan living feeling.
  • Use an L shaped or corner sofa to create a fake living room wall.
  • Use different paint colours or wallpaper to define areas.
  • Try a mezzanine or foyer to open two stories together.
  • Choose cupboards and drawers to keep items tucked away and create a cleaner look.
  • Use an island bench to open the kitchen into the living or dining room.

To see some of our floor plans, many of which include open plan living, click here.

Want some help adding open plan living to your current home? Or would you like to build a new home which features open plan living? We have some great floor plans you can choose from, or we can help you build from scratch. Contact us today!