The Top 5 Room Renos That Increase Your Home Value

Category: Design Features
Date: January 16, 2019

If you’re putting your house up on the market soon, you are probably thinking about how you can maximise your property value beforehand.

Perhaps you are just interested in upgrading your current home to suit your growing family needs. Whatever your reason, a renovation is the perfect way to freshen up and make new, something that may be old.

Most renovations are about making a space more modern and more liveable, either for yourself or for the future home owner. Want to maximise your bang for buck? Here are the top 5 renovations to take to your builder.

1. Bathroom Upgrade

Taking an old grungy bathroom and turning it into a bright, clean looking and simple bathroom is one of the first renovations home owners will look at. The costs can be kept relatively low and with fresh fixtures and tiles the value of your bathroom can improve immensely. An old bathroom can be a huge negative for new home owners. When it comes to the bathroom, you want to keep it simple, fresh and bright. The pale pink and freckled brown tiles are out – go for white vanities, tubs and toilets, with pendant lights, inset shelves, one colour tiles and include storage.

Take a look: Bathroom renovation


2. Modernising the Kitchen

The kitchen can seem like a huge renovation, but with the right planning and the right design can go off without a hitch and a good builder will aim to get in and out quick. Think open plan when it comes to the kitchen, with lots of bench space and fresh simple fixtures. Storage is key in the modern kitchen and you may consider adding a feature like a butler’s pantry. Don’t think you have the room for it? Talk to your builder- they are great at finding space. A fresh splash back and a new large sink are simple upgrades with large buyer appeal. Upgraded lighting and a large island bench also draws the attention of the family chef.

Take a look: Kitchen Renovation


3. Outdoor Entertaining Area

The outdoor entertaining area is one of the most fun renovations. Planning and creating a space where you can relax and unwind, make memories and gather with friends and family, is exciting and gets the creative juices flowing. Not only does it have large buyer appeal but it can really make your house feel like a home. When renovating outside think space and usability. In our hot Australian climate, shade cover and air flow are key. Get your BBQ apron ready, because here comes the outdoor kitchen, more than just a BBQ, you can include fixtures like a sink, fridge, bench space and fireplace. Amp up your Sunday arvo with an outdoor entertaining area renovation.

Take a look: Outdoor Area Renovation


4. Floors and Walls

A simple yet visually appealing renovation is the floors and walls. A simple coat of white paint can brighten up any old room. This is also the perfect accompaniment to any house renovation as it can make the whole house appear to have an upgrade when this may not necessarily be the case. When staging a home for sale, one of the first things on a seller’s list will be a fresh coat of paint. Take time to look at the floors, or perhaps what’s under the floors; often old carpets can reveal beautiful hard wood floors ready for a fresh coat of wood stain. New tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can instantly upgrade these rooms. Choose tiles over carpet in the living areas as these have large buyer appeal.

Take a look: This reno revealed hard wood floors under bedroom carpets 


5. An Efficiency Upgrade

Sometimes when you are trying to increase your property value, you have to look at how you can decrease long term property costs. A renovation is a great idea for an old home because it gives you the opportunity to add energy and water efficient fixtures and structures to your home. The efficiency of a home is a huge tick on a home buyers list and should be on the home dwellers list too. In our climate things like open plan living, large windows and doors to create air flow are key to reducing energy bills for cooling. Creating shade to keep your house cool and optimising the hot sun on your roof with solar panels are ideal options. Energy efficient appliances are flooding the market and becoming the standard.

Not sure how to create an energy efficient home, or know what your options are? Talk to a builder today to see what’s available to you.

Take a look: These wall length windows and doors created the perfect area for capturing the wind and maximising air flow


When you think home renovation, you may think the whole house, but you can start with one of these smaller renovations and start to see your home change before your eyes. Renovating is a great way to upgrade an old home to fit modern day living as well as a great way to raise the price on auction day.

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