Which Bird are You? HR Team Building Day

Category: News
Date: November 2, 2020

Recently, we held HR team building days at our Townsville, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast offices. We engaged in the personality and profiling resources from Tick. Created by Des Hunt, who studied business and psychology, Tick gathers information and places users into one of the four bird profiles, or a combination of two.

We sought out the resources from Tick to help our team better understand and communicate with each other. Some personalities will work better with others, and some will thrive in different situations.  Knowing this about our team, helps Campbell Construction Co work at its best for our clients and our customers.

The bird profiles from Tick are based on 4 different personality types: Eagle, Peacock, Owl and Dove. Our team was asked a series of questions and once the data was calculated, each member was given their results. It was fun to see what everyone was. Sara, our accounts manager said her result was a Dove-Owl ‘It was actually amazing to see how precise it was, the bird combination I came out with described me to a tee’.

The Tick Bird Profiles


Motivated by authority and power, the Eagle wants to have the control and the freedom to get results. An Eagle wants to be the boss.


Motivated by popularity and applause, the Peacock wants to be recognised, thanked, and applauded for who they are and what they can do. A Peacock wants to be the centre of attention.


Motivated by the security of facts and systems, the Owl wants to work and live within structures and laid down procedures. An Owl wants to be right.


Motivated by the security of belonging, a Dove wants to be supportive and appreciated as an important member of the team.  A Dove wants friendship, approval and to be loved.


This was a great day and all the staff gained a lot of knowledge about themselves and other members of our team. While we were learning about each other and how we interact, we also had a lot of laughs and overall, it was a great team building experience. We love doing these days, they are a lot of fun and encourage a positive work environment for our team.

Interested in Tick bird profiles? To check it out, click here.