Your New Home Build Step by Step Checklist

Category: Tips
Date: September 21, 2020

So, you’re ready to build a new home! Fantastic! Making the decision was half the battle, but what’s next? A lot goes in to building a new home from start to finish. There are many choices to be made and it could easily start to make you feel drained or less excited about the idea. Like any grand project, it all comes down to great planning.

Take a read of our step by step checklist to help you stay motivated, excited and feel in control on your home building journey.


  • The Financial Part

Before you start any major project, it is ideal to get your finances in order. Talk to your bank or financial planner to help you with this stage. Work out what your deposit will be and how large of a loan you can take out. Getting pre approval says your serious about building a home and can get the building process started faster. Be sure to put a budget together and allow for more than you expect to spend, to allow for unexpected costs, fees, and a safety net.


  • Choosing a Location & Land

Once your finances are in order, it is time to choose your block. Usually you will have an idea already about where you want to build. Finding land in that area can be easy if its an underdeveloped area or hard if it is the postcode that everyone wants to be in. The quality and make up of the land are just as important as the home being built on top of it. You will want to do your research and make sure you are building on solid ground. Levelling can bring extra costs you may not have expected.


  • Find Your Builder

Choosing a builder is like choosing a friend. You want to form a great relationship together as you will be in this together from start to finish. Home builds take on average from 4 -12 months to complete from securing land to the finished project. Do your research and ask around to any friends who have recently built a home. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good builder. Book an initial meeting to get a feel for the compatibility between yourself and the builders you are considering. Check for current licences t ensure the builder is suitably licence to construct your build and ask to see recent projects. Read more about choosing a builder, here.


  • Floor Plans and 3D Models

Once you have your location, land and builder nailed it is time for floor plans. Most builders will have floor plans you can choose from and make custom alterations for you. Or you may have a dream home in mind that your builder can help turn into realistic floor plans. Making alterations to a floor plan so that it includes everything you want is key. Go over it several times. Have friends and family look to as fresh eyes. If your builder uses 3D imaging, even better. With a 3D version of your floor plan you can take a virtual walk through your house before the ground is even broken. There can be a lot of back and forth at this stage, but do not despair, you want to be sure your builder and you are on the same page. Ensure you are happy with every aspect at this stage as this will help avoid any unnecessary costs in changes to the plans. Read more about 3D plans, here.


  • The Building Contract

Building does not start until the contract is signed. Your builder should be able to walk you through the contract. It should be clear and transparent. As this is a legal document it is always smart to get a lawyer to look over it with you. Do not sign until you are 100% sure you understand it and are happy with the terms. We are always happy to go over our contracts in detail until you feel informed and correct in signing. A builder will always require a 5% deposit prior to works beginning. Congrats – the building can now begin!


  • Breaking Ground

This is the exciting part, as it feels like your home build is finally happening. A this stage your builder will be flattening, leveling, and stabilising the land, in preparation to build. If a block is sloped or contains a lot of debris, this stage could take longer. Be sure to get your photo of you and your family on your empty block!


  • The Building Phase

This is when it all comes together. Over the next few weeks, your builder should be in contact with you regularly, so that everyone is on the same page as to what is happening. Visit the site often to monitor progress as the slab goes down, frame and trusses go up and roof goes on, very quickly. Watching your home come to life is exciting. Be prepared that setbacks can occur due to weather, material availability and other reasons. Having constant and clear communication is key to any successful build.


  • Fixtures and Fittings

Most builders will require fixtures and fittings such as taps, tiles, benchtops and vanities, to be chosen prior to the commencement of works. Many of these fixtures and fittings have long lead times and this will avid delays to the build. During the fix-out stage you will see your home taking shape and coming to life. You have most likely taken a walk inside your soon to be finished home and can make a start on thinking about the styling!


  • The Finished Project and Handover of Keys!

When your home is complete, you will be invited to view it one final time with your builder and make sure there are no major defects. Once satisfied, your builder will then present to you your certificate of practical completion, along with any safety or inspection certificates. Congrats, your home build is now officially complete!


There you have it! Are you ready to build? Contact us today, we are more than happy to start a conversation about your new home build.