Planning your Renovation During Challenging Times

Category: Design Features, Tips
Date: April 22, 2020

While waiting for iso to lift, now is the perfect time to start your home reno project. Renovations often sit in the back of our minds, waiting until we have enough time to fit it in. While many of us are stuck at home, why not make use of your time and tackle your home reno today. When quarantine ends, you’ll be happy to have friends and family come over and check out your new reno.

Working with builders within a safe distance

The planning of your home reno can be done over the phone, and online. We have a great 3D drafting program which will help you see your reno come to life before we even move one brick. Our builders on site can work with you around the best times to work at your home. We are keeping up to date with the latest rules and regulations from the government regarding hand washing and social distancing. To read more about our team’s steps to stay safe during covid-19, click here.

Keeping things going thanks to home delivery

Many home furnishing and supply stores already have delivery options and even more are jumping on board. The work on your reno doesn’t need to stop because you can’t go out – everything can come to you. You can keep your project going from the comfort of your couch and with just the click of a mouse. Getting your products delivered, keeps within the social distancing rules and keeps your renovation moving along!

Add value to your property while at home

Instead of seeing this quarantine as downtime, see it as up time, as in time to get the value of your property up. In these uncertain times, adding value to your home is a great way to keep your head in the property game. While builders can help you with the renovation side of things, there are many at home jobs you can do too. Consider updating the curtains, adding a coat of paint, freshen up your outside living area, or work on your landscaping.

Renovations that add up

When it comes to adding value to your home for lifestyle, that depends on what you want. However, if you are wanting to add value to your home for the market there are some key areas to tackle. The very least you can do is add a fresh coat of paint! Next, tackle the gardens and landscaping. The number one area to reno in your home for value is the kitchen or the bathroom. Other things to consider are updating tile or hardwood floors, upgrade the kitchen cabinets, and jazz up the outdoor entertaining area. To read more about renos, click here.

Ready to start your home renovation project? Contact us today, our team continue to build homes that you and the people you love – will love.